Jill Hamm

Candidate for Grants Pass MAYOR
November 2020

About Me

Hi! I'm Jill Hamm and I want to be your Mayor in Grants Pass Oregon!

As a resident since 1969, I have gone through childhood, adulthood, and motherhood in Grants Pass and it is my "forever" home. I am married to my best friend Clarence and have two sons and two grandchildren. As a previous downtown business owner, I have an understanding of the needs and challenges our local merchants face.

As an active member of the Oregon State Grange, I have led and been a part of several organizations including President of Rogue River Valley Grange and currently President of Fruitdale Grange. I have been a member of the Grants Pass/Josephine County Chamber of Commerce for the greater part of 30 years and am currently the President of the Chamber Ambassadors. As part of these organizations, I have learned and honed my skills at running efficient business meetings. I have been a volunteer and active member of organizations responsible for many city events and functions for the past 30 years. From these I have learned to listen and respect many points of view and collaborate with others to accomplish the task at hand for the greater good.

My career has been exciting with experience varying from staffing and retail industries to construction. Currently, and most importantly, I am employed at Grants Pass Broadcasting…aka KAJO/KLDR Radio. Over 14 years ago I started my dream job as a sales representative. Meeting business owners in our County, I learned about the important role KAJO/KLDR played in this community. I went to my boss Matt Wilson and asked him to allow me to learn everything about the business. Thankfully, I was given that opportunity. I am now Carl Wilson’s (I am sure you all know him!) Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Human Resource Director, Traffic Manager, and I still get to do outside sales. What has this taught me? How to stay on track, how to multitask successfully and how to keep learning and helping my co-workers and clients.

Why am I running for Mayor of Grants Pass? It has been a goal of mine for almost 30 years and now is the perfect time. I have never held a civic political position. And as previously described, my decades of experience in civic and community activities are associated with making decisions in groups and power relations between individuals and the distribution of resources and helping make decisions. Being the Mayor is about sound leadership, not just being a politician. Being the leader of our city is about listening to the council, listening to the community- facilitating the discussions and decisions, building clarity and consensus as we work toward our community goals. Being the Mayor is about strong leadership that, throughout the collaborative process of making decisions for our city, I can serve to stand in the gap and balance the political pressure of the people, City Council and City Administration.

Our country is facing challenging times. To say this is affecting our city is an understatement. I am hoping to be your Mayor to help guide our town in the direction of safety and prosperity for the whole of the community.

We cannot predict the future, but we can plan for ours. Along with the City Council members that you will vote in this November, I will listen to you and help our city be what we all are striving for- The best little city to call home!


106 NW F Street #365
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526